What I do know.


As I sit here on the couch, legs elevated as I recover from my half marathon yesterday, I can’t stop watching the news coverage from Boston. My heart hurts.

This was going to be a day of dreams coming true, the defining experience of many runners’ careers. People like me only dream of qualifying to run Boston. And the dream turned into a nightmare. There’s so many questions I have; so much I don’t know.

Who would do this? Why? This is supposed to be a day of international celebration, runners converging from all over the globe to compete. 15 million dollars was raised for charity. This race is a good thing for humanity.

Who are the victims? I know my heart is going to break once we have names and faces of the victims. But I want to know their stories. So we can celebrate their lives and honor them.

What about the guy in the red singlet? Looked like an older gentleman. He was running right by when the bomb when off. Shrapnel flew through the air and hit him. He rolled to the ground and the camera clip ended. Is he ok? I hate that I may never know. I can’t stop thinking about him.

But here’s what I do know. Good is always going to overcome evil. People will always run towards danger to help one another in a time of crisis. Good will come out of this. And the running community will rally and go forward, stronger than ever.

I read a few posts online today that some people are scared to run now. I say screw that! Don’t let these people win! Get back out there. Run your race! Live your life! Fear is defeat and I refuse to give into it.

What I do know is we are better than whoever did this. Stronger than whoever did this. And I will be back on the road tomorrow logging some miles and training for my next race. Because life is too short to allow other people to control my destiny.

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all the victims and everyone who is hurting tonight. You will never be forgotten.



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  1. Hey–I don’t know if you saw the interview last night with the older man you referenced. He is OK! He said he was just stunned but completely OK–that he laid there trying to get his sorts about him and eventually got up and crossed the finish line. He said they tried to offer him a wheelchair but he told them it was “only 6 blocks” to his hotel and that he was fine. 78 years old from Washington state and his 3rd Boston.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better! I was just telling my husband last night that if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d probably be running in Nashville in a couple weeks. It’s scary, but you’re so right. We are better than them! We will band together!

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