13.1 Reasons to Run


My alarm clock will be going off in a few hours and I’ll be headed down to Clearwater for the Iron Girl half marathon. I’m facing some difficult challenges this time so I decided to give myself a little more motivation by dedicating my miles.

Mile 1 – Zachary, in honor of his birthday. You are deeply missed, little guy.
Mile 2 – David Freeman, and all other law enforcement officers. Shot 5 times and expected to fully recover? Sounds like Superman to me!
Mile 3 – PbRC. Thank you for teaching me to find the joy and camaraderie in running
Mile 4 – Mom, my biggest cheerleader who believes in me even when I don’t.
Mile 5 – Brig General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. In memory of my personal hero, a man whose story should be told and celebrated although few know of him and his heroism
Mile 6 – my brother Jason, in honor of his first win last week
Mile 7 – Gavin, my baby boy and the best thing that will ever happen to me
Mile 8 – Dad, for teaching me to keep on keeping on
Mile 9 – MCATDT. My Chiefs family
Mile 10 – Lindsey Ferraco. Because she reminds me friendships can be restored and are worth fighting for.
Mile 11 – Grandma and MacMac, who taught me love is so strong that is transcends even death
Mile 12 – The United States. Because I love our country and everything it stands for
Mile 13 – My angel Casey. You are missed and loved and you inspired me to start this whole journey.
Mile 13.1 – That’s for myself. Because I’m finally starting to learn how to love myself and believe in myself. And that makes this whole thing worthwhile.

So lucky to have so many reasons and people to run in honor of.



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