Hmmm. A nude 5k?


I picked up a local running magazine last weekend down in Tampa and leafed through it on the way home. 5k’s, 10k’s, halfs, a few sprint tri’s…. pretty much the normal. Until I turned a page and saw this:


Say what?!?!

My first thought: the mechanics of a run. How is that comfortable for a man or a woman? Isn’t clothing helpful to keep all of the appendages, ummm, snug and secure?

Second thought: this has got to be at one of nude resort around US41. Bingo! Looked and saw this is at the Caliente. What little I know about this place is that it’s a hotbed for the swinging sector of senior citizens. Yikes!

Third thought: this is going to be a train wreck! Which naturally led to…

Fourth thought: I should totally go and check this out!!!

My husband always tells me I have a fondness for the absurd. And he’s right. My sense of humor might run a little on the bizarre side and, I mean seriously, this event reeks of bizarre. It’s clothing optional, so I could show up clothed and be the weirdo.

What to do, what to do? For the sake of research I feel like I should check this out. But will my eyes survive?


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  1. LOL!! Is it sad that I immediately thought “hmmm….that would be an interesting volunteer opportunity…” Wish I lived closer! (But no, I would NOT be running it)

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