First Quarter Recap



I can’t believe we’re already 25% done with 2013! Yikes! It’s been a good winter, but a little more challenging than I anticipated. The main challenge has been Gavin’s health. He was given an official diagnosis of asthma and it’s been a hard pill for me to swallow. I hate that he has to struggle with this and I worry about any negative effect this will have on him throughout childhood. He’s been sick a lot this winter; we all have. And it’s definitely put a dent in my training.

Overall, though, I’d call the first quarter a success. Ran 2 half marathons, started speedwork training and I’m slowly starting to transition into training for my first tri.

* 68 Activities
* Distance: 162.52 mi
* Weight (-3.6 lbs)

Mileage is definitely much less than I had anticipated but with springtime and (hopefully) less sickness, that will increase. Weight has definitely stagnated and I need to get motivated to start losing quicker.

2nd Quarter Goals:
* 250 miles
* 5lbs weight loss
* start swim training
* Be Kinder to Myself

What’s your plan? Here’s to forward progress!


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