Dear RunDisney:


Hi. It’s me. You know, the one who decided she was going to run one half marathon just to say she did it, then move on to the next challenge in life. Only that didn’t work out. I did 3 half marathons and now continuously check the race calendar drooling over new RunDisney events I would like to race, particularly in Disneyland and (squeeee!!!!) possibly in Paris. I drank the kool-aid. And now I’m obsessed.

My devotion to you know no bounds. We now schedule family vacations around the events. I find myself jogging around my neighborhood at night disgruntled that there are no fireworks to entertain me. And I’m seriously considering selling a few vital organs (who needs 2 kidneys really?) to finance this addiction to your races.

But now you’ve gone and done it. Just this week I finally work up the nerve to proclaim that yes!, I am going to run the WDW Marathon next year. I will figure out a way to chug along for 26.2 miles. But that’s not good enough for you, was it? Now you have to add a 10k race to marathon weekend? And make it the Minnie 10k, complete with Minnie Mouse medal? WHY, RUNDISNEY, WHY?!?!?!??!?!! I want to be angry at you but right now I’m too giddy at the thought of wearing a Minnie Mouse costume as I run along with the other crazies to collect my super-cute bling at the end. I want to be angry. But I can’t.

Because I’m too busy browsing Minnie Mouse skirts on the Sparkle Skirts website. And surfing the internet for organ harvesting information. All while sipping my kool-aid.

Sigh. If I’m already doing 26.2, why not  32.4 I guess. Bring on the Minnie/Mickey Marathon weekend 2014!

But Dopey? Nope! Not gonna do it!


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