Anatomy of a Long Run


So, I finished my longest run this Sunday and I’m feeling pretty good. 9 miles! Awesome, right? Well, except for the fact that I still need to add in an additional 4.1 to get through a half marathon. In retrospect, it was funny how my mindset evolved over the course of the 9 miles. A recap:

Mile 1

Wheee! Time to go for a run! I’ve got this!!

Mile 2

Hmmm, time for some entertainment. Wonder what podcasts are waiting for me? I’ll choose “Stuff You Missed in History Class”. Time to educate myself while running, I’m a Renaissance woman! ::gives myself a virtual high-five for being awesome::

Mile 3

Wow, nature is just beautiful, isn’t it? It really makes up for the fact that I’m out of breath and sweating. I think. Awww, a butterfly! Pretty! Yay, nature!!

Mile 4

Must find something to think about. What can I think about? I NEED DISTRACTION! Think, Laura, think!

Mile 5

Jelly Belly’s!!! Ahem, I meant “sports beans”. Maybe I’ll feel like a rock star after eating these and be able to sprint through the end.

Mile 6

I hate you, iTunes. Who chose this lame music for my iPhone anyway? Oh, right… Well, time to turn it off and harness my chi. I wonder what chi really is?

Mile 7

Stop swooping around my face, stupid butterfly!!! I hate you! Argh!!! Forget nature, I need an a/c room with a treadmill! This is the dumbest idea EVER!

Mile 8

You know what’s cool? Water. Water, water, water. Like to drink. And swim in. I wonder if dolphins drink water? Probably. But maybe not, because it’s salt water. Oooh, I like salt water at the beach. Wonder if we can go to the beach next weekend. I really need to drink some water.

Mile 9


Needless to say, I’m a little concerned about how my mind is going to handle the additional 4 miles. 🙂


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  1. HAHA!! Love this! A friend was supposed to join me for the last 4-5 of my run this weekend and I told her that I might smell at that point, but at least I would be entertaining! (loopy) Seriously, rational thoughts go out the window at certain points. But at W/D there will be enough entertainment to keep us alert and grounded in “reality”. I am REALLY looking forward to running this with everyone.

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