Jukebox from Hell.


What do GNR’s “November Rain”, John Phillip Sousa’s “Black Horse Troop”, Juice Newton’s “Queen of Hearts” and MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine” have in common? They’re all of my running playlist. Along with Royksopp’s “Remind Me”. You know that song… remember the Geico Caveman commercial where’s he’s walking with a tennis raquet over his shoulder and sees an offensive poster? Yep, that song.

At any rate, my tastes in music are obviously diverse. Comes with the territory being the daughter of a musician. But lately I’m starting to get bored listening to music when I’m out running. Boredom is no good in my world because it gives me more time to think about my aching legs, my inability to catch my breath and the realization that doing this for 13.1 miles is going to be a challenge.

The past week I’ve instead used my Netflix app and listened to “America: The Story of Us”. Good stuff if you’re a history nerd like me! I’ve also listened to Season 1 of Downton Abbey again (I’m so obsessed I can see the scenes in my head). I’ve also thought about getting some audio books but, dang!, they’re expensive on iTunes.

Not sure what the answer is here. Maybe I need to change my route and enjoy some new scenery. Maybe I need to delve into the world of audiobooks. Or maybe I need to discover some new running music. Will was looking through my playlist and dubbed it the “jukebox from hell”.

This leaves me to ponder: what do runners do to keep their minds occupied on the road?


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  1. I know a lot of people who listen to podcasts and/or audio books. Does your library allow you to check them out where you would be able to t/f them to your iPod? I’ve been running music free which was tough at first, but I tend to sometimes completely zone out which is kind of awesome/dangerous! I’d kind of like to try the podcast/audio book thing though.

  2. I don’t listen to music for a while. For the first 6 miles I just zone out. Enjoy the scenery at this time I’m not dying or aching yet. Normally when I start to take my first GU I pop in my headphones and listen to old crazy music that never comes on the radio anymore. You know, one hit wonders!

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