Thoughts and Musings on my First 5k


Just some random thoughts from my first race…

Random Observations:

  • Why in the heck are these races so early in the morning? Race registration started at 6:30 and I had an hour drive. Yawn.
  • Pulling into the parking lot was a revelation. Not only are these people running fanatics, they’re also morning people! Argh! Everybody was so peppy while jogging around and warming up with big smiles on their faces.
  • If registration starts at 6:30 and the race doesn’t start ’til 7:30, aim for 7:00.
  • I was kind of bothered by the amount of trash thrown around near the finish line. Banana peels, cups, you name it… all strewn around. Dude, there were trash cans everywhere. Hope this isn’t the norm.
  • These runners are crazy. After the 5k many of them were still running around like little Energizer bunnies.

Thoughts on the Lowry Park ZooRunRun

  • The $25 entrance fee seemed fair to me and had to be a big fundraiser for them with the amount of entrants.
  • Registration was very organized (unlike our last experience there for the Wazoo Beer Fest)
  • They had posted that nobody with jogging strollers was allowed in the race and would have to participate in the 8:00 walk. However, I saw numerous strollers. Either enforce the rule or don’t have it.
  • The portion of the run through the actual zoo was very fun! Besides seeing all the animals, it was neat running on different surfaces: wooden bridges, sidewalks, trails, and even through the underground manatee exhibit.
  • There was a great mix of people with all different abilities, which made me a lot more comfortable.
  • The only downside: when I got to the finish line, they had run out of water! How the heck does that happen?! They were apologetic and said the earlier runners were taking 3-4 bottles a person. Ummm, how about someone hand out water so that doesn’t happen? It was insanely hot and humid and I had that awful tingly feeling the last .5 mile. Thankfully I had a Gatorade in my SUV but it was a long hike to get to it.

What I learned for next time:

  • I need to figure out something to do with my hair so that it doesn’t bug me when I’m running.
  • I also need to figure out how to carry stuff with me. I had my keys and my cell phone and nobody there to hold them for me. What do people normally do with these items during the race?
  • Starting off, I need to pay more attention to sticking to my own pace instead of trying to follow others. I started off way faster than my normal pace for the 1st mile and it wore me out.
  • Conversely, I think I might need to push myself harder durring the middle because I think I had too much energy at the end. The last half mile I started picking up my pace and ended up passing a load of people.
  • Socks matter. I need to find some better socks for running. I have blisters where my toes meet my feet from my feet sweating and rubbing. Hurts pretty bad right now.

All in all, a great learning experience and I look forward to the next one! It was so amazing to think what a difference a year can make!



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  1. Race report!! Yay 🙂

    As for the holding keys, phone, etc…I wear a Nathan shadow pack during most races/long runs. Very light, doesn’t bounce or make me feel weighed down. (I usually am not a fan of extra bulk around my waist) Here is a link…they are about $15-$20 and worth it, especially as you start going longer distances with your Princess training.

    Pacing is always such a tricky thing! I try to make a conscious effort and tell myself to “slow down” and “run your own race” (I’m not even kidding!) and try not to let it bother me as people pass me because it doesn’t take long before I am passing (some of) those same people later in the race.

    I really like the WigWam IronMan socks because they are seamless and breathable (thus minimize blisters). Second to those are Experia socks (with Thorlo pads) they have nice cushioining and also breathable. Really though there are tons of options for socks…just try to stay away from 100% cotton as you start getting into the longer distances.

  2. I always leave that junk in the car, but if you have an iphone just get an armband and it becomes gps to track pace miles etc. and ipod and phone.. always start slower than you think but if you had energy to burn at the end you did it right. Don’t over think it though, that can be just as bad as starting too fast I find… if you listen to music build yoru playlist slower songs first to faster songs last, that is the most helpful pacing trick for me… proud of you girl, one momma runner to another!

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