Week 6, Day 2


Have I really been doing this for 6 weeks?!
– 5 minute warmup walk
– Jog 10 minutes
– Walk 3 minutes
– Jog 10 minutes
– 5 minute cooldown walk

I felt: good. Calves were a little sore from not stretching enough but the shin splints are going away!

Weather: Hot, hot, hot. I’m going out around 9pm just to avoid the sun.

Terrain: roads around the neighborhood

GPS: 1.91 miles. Not a lot, but it’s a start!!

My challenge at this point is “keeping my head in the game”, so to speak. I’m fine until I start thinking of how much longer I have to go, whether or not I’ll actually be successful or give up, how hot I am (temperature-wise! lol) ect. If I just allow my mind to turn off, it’s a much happier run.

This week’s challenge: I need to incorporate some cross training. After 6wks, my body has started adapting and I need to find some activity to fill my off days. Any suggestions?


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  1. do you run with music? i find that helps me not to focus on heat, tired, etc…cross train with anything else you love…bike riding would be great…low impact and you can put gavin on a seat or trailer and get a great workout…i can only go a little ways with lily on the back:)

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